Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Motor City Nightmares-Great People, Great Times!!

Motor City Nightmares! Fast becoming one of my favorite conventions, I was lucky enough to attend on Saturday April 28th--and I got to meet and chat with a ton of the very cool people in attendence as fans/guests/vendors!

    Where to start? First off, we (my brother Dennis, my cousin Lori, and my long suffering wife Jessica) stopped at Tom Berdinski's (The Italian Zombie Movie) table, it was great chatting with Tom and his co-conspirator Tim Berndt, and meeting Sarah Marilyn from his upcoming "House With A Morgue"--we even caught a screening of his fantastic "Noirmageddon"! Sascratch, of course, reared his afro'd head later in the afternoon to much hilarity! Berd's table is always the fun spot to be!
    Speaking of great indie film makers--I got to chat up Kristoff Bates ("Afterparty Massacre" and about his new project that sounds even more metal than APM, seriously, it sounds like another exercise in boobs, blood, and bad behavior--can't wait to see it!! "Sloppy the Psychotic", one of the most tasteless films in recent memory (and one of my favorites) screened on Friday, so I had to stop by and finally meet the sick fuck in charge-Mike O'Mahoney! He was as hilarious and enthusiastic in person as he comes across as in his films! Also touched base with Jon Manthei, the very cool guy behind "Room For Rent", didn't get to check out the Kill Whitey video he directed until I got home, but it was great talking with someone semi-local who has a real passion for horror film making! And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Matt Farnsworth and "The Orphan Killer"--we cleared up our lines of communication getting crossed, he gave me a review copy and it was FANTASTIC!!! Watch this film immediately--check my review on!!

    Celebrity guests!! Michael Berryman and Sid Haig were great in person!! Really funny and down to Earth! Kane Hodder sat for a mini-interview and clowned around with us about a certain convention goer. Rachael Adams from "Mimesis" was stunning in person and Tiffany Shepis is fucking painfully gorgeous!! Wow--she recorded a quick video clip and she's smoking hot even when she's breaking balls! And after being shoved aside by a pair of indie film folks that will remain nameless, I was finally able to meet my hero-Debbie Rochon! I was humbled by her awesomeness, and babbled like a hopeless fanboy I'm sure, but she was incredibly cool and gracious in the presence of a sweaty, nervous fat guy like me! It was something I'll tell my grandchildren about, and then they'll stare at me blankly...

    Tommy Brunswick (who also directs some very cool stuff) and company out-do themselves every year--this is fast becoming a premier horror con! Thanks to everyone who attended and helped make this yet another great MCN!! See ya next time!!