Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Clementines--They're Not Just Those Little Tangerine Thingies...

How excited do I get when I hear a film is in the works featuring some of my favorite people in indie horror?? How excited do I get when I read an early draft of the script from said film, and it was sublimely obscene?? In the case of "The Darling Clementines", coming soon from the twisted mind of JimmyO Burril, I get very fucking excited!!
I love April and JimmyO's stuff, it's no secret. "The Chainsaw Sally Show", "The Good Sisters" (with the amazing, delicious, talented, gorgeous Debbie Rochon), and "Silver Scream"--they all hold little dark places in my heart. So a few months ago, JimmyO let me read a early version of "The Darling Clementines", because he's very cool and also knows I'm a huge geek when it comes to his work (I think I've seen "The Good Sisters" twice as many times as he has...), to say I was excited is an understatement. TDC contained all of the envelope pushing, blood splattering, and psycho-sexual mayhem that Burril is known and loved for. Shameless pasting of my ugly mug in 3-2-1...
And now, the film that has me all a-flutter, is moving forward with Fatality Films, and is firming up casting--this is gonna be GOOD!!! The official press follows--they're better at this than I am:
Fatality Films, owned and operated by Scott Spiegel and Andrea Albin, has announced its newest production, "The Darling Clementines", a disturbing film written and directed by JimmyO Burril, the mind behind "The Chainsaw Sally Show". The production is set to take place this fall in southern Mississippi.
Starring in this film includes such notables as April Burril ("The Chainsaw Sally Show"), Debbie Rochon ("Wrath of the Crows"), Lynn Lowry ("Cat People") and Vernon Wells ("Mad Max 2: Road Warrior").

The film centers around the Stevens family vacation, which is tragically cut short by three sisters, hell bent on taking the seed of the males to propagate the Clementine bloodline.
In the world of the Clementines, men are little more than swine, barely fit for breeding, and women of other blood are worth far less. The Stevens family will find themselves abducted, beaten and tortured physically, mentally and sexually as the Clementine sisters seek to break the men to their will and fill their fertile wombs.
"Fill the Earth, and subdue it."

That's right my freaky friends, April & Debbie!!! And some genre legends!! And Susan Adriensen (well, that's not in the press release....but I've heard things...)!!! Are you geeking out as bad as me? I thought so!!! Rest assured, I'm going to follow the progress of this sick bitch of a film very closely!!
Look out here and on for updates as I sniff them out...