Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Quit cowering in the backseat! It's just a MOVIE!!"

           Remember the Drive-in movies? My love of horror, fostered by Saturday afternoon "creature feature" viewings of "SuperHost" on WUAB 43 out of Cleveland with my late mother, was kicked up a notch at a Drive-in. At the tender age of 12, a friend's older brother took us to see a double feature of Fulci's "Zombie" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" at our local outdoor venue, so drive-ins were an important part of my horror entertainment lineage.


            Fast forward to more modern times (yeah, I'm old, so kiss my elderly ass!) and drive-ins have went the way of "pet rocks" and (thankfully) disco. Well, fret not, oh fan of the fear film, a drive-in in Shelbyville, IN is serving up two heaping fistfuls of indie horror goodness this Thursday (Sept. 10th)!


            The Skyline Drive-In (3986 E. Michigan Rd. Shelbyville, IN 46176) will be doing a rare, even for indoors, screening of two instant classics, "Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn" and "Truth or Dare" in glorious, giant, outdoor, amongst nature and shit, open-air awesomeness!! Admission is only $7, gates open at 7pm with an 8:30 showtime, and two of the lovely ladies that make "Truth or Dare" so disturbingly nasty will be on hand to schmooze and sign stuff for FREE!!


            The incomparable Jessica Cameron (who directed this splatter-fest and also stars as "Jennifer"), and the amazing Heather Dorff ("Michelle") will be in attendance, mostly likely dropping fun film facts and random observations about "Truth or Dare" and generally looking hot as all Hell.


            "Truth or Dare" is a frighteningly topical tale about fandom gone terribly wrong, and "NOTLD: Darkest Dawn" is a new take on the classic tale, completely done in CG animation, that features the talents of genre luminaries like: Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, Danielle Harris, Joe Pilato, and Tom Sizemore (?).


            With this kind of awesome on hand, and HorrorHound Weekend starting the next day, just up the road in Indianapolis (featuring a HUGE "Nightmare on Elm Street" reunion among other treats), how can any self respecting gorehound stay away??


----I'm Scream King Tom, indie horror's answer to Kato Kaelin...thanks for playing.