Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! (no, not Christmas...)

Happy (early) Halloween! It's a horror fan's favorite time of the year, and, unfortunately, aside from the recent "Carrie" redux and a few others, there's not a big seasonal flick in cinemas. October used to be the exclusive territory of the recent "franchise" flicks like "Saw" or "Paranormal Activity", but, thus far, there's not really a new brand-name to step into the breach. But, then again, "new" being the operative word, it's not that surprising, Hollywood treats "new", especially in the horror genre, like cancer these days...


There is, however, hope in the indie world! Brandon Slagle's fine "The Black Dahlia Haunting" and Pearry Teo's "Dracula-The Dark Prince" flick (with Jon Voight!) are in stores and on rental menus. You're probably tired of hearing me spew about BDH by now, but def check it out, and although I haven't yet seen it, Teo does great stuff, and I'd bet his new take on Dracula is interesting and well done, so buy a copy and support original ideas!!



Speaking of seasonal fare, I re-visited "Ginger Snaps" this weekend, along with it's darkly weird second entry and it's completely screwy "Snaps Back" effort. I had seen and enjoyed the first one (it's absolutely a "top 5" werewolf flick for me!), but had never taken a look at the other 2, even though I've owned the DVDs for years. Emily Perkins and Katherine Isabelle are really excellent together, great chemistry, and their superb dancing on the fine line between terror and humor in the original is a true pleasure to watch.
Check 'em out if you haven't already, even "Ginger Snaps Back" if for nothing else than Hugh Dillon's truly steeee-range turn as a minister. I'm pretty sure that if you're making a film in Canada these days, you have to clear it with Katherine Isabelle first, it's, like, a law or something. I'll have to ask Jessica Cameron...


After remarking that I'd never seen Adam Ahlbrandt's "Burnt House", he very graciously sent me a blu-ray copy (review coming soon!) along with a copy of his novella "Into The Chasm". "The Cemetery" and "Cross Bearer" are both exercises in brutal, violent fun and are the most metal flicks out there, so to say I was intrigued by the fact that dude had wrote a novella would be an understatement.

I read the whole thing in one sitting, and wow! a brutally frank, soul scarring journey into a man's psyche while dealing with love lost, self destruction, hope and finally redemption. It plays like a modern, vulgar version of "the Odyssey" and it's prose and imagery invoke both Bukowski and, at times, Barker, if you can wrap your fucked up little mind around that!

Buy a digital copy on Amazon if you don't want to take my word for it!

Also, if you're not now, you should be reading "Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash"--it's great, I'm glad Cassie Hack is back, and it's more awesome writing from Tim Seeley! Can I get a "Fuck Yeah!"?



Reviews coming soon for: more Dustin Wayde Mills sickness, another journey into Bill Zebub's depraved mind, the aforementioned "Burnt House" and "Wisp" a new series! Check NerdRemix and my social media crap for updates...


Happy Halloween! Here's hoping your week is filled with: candy, cider, cool Fall air, and hot chicks in slutty costumes!!