Monday, November 16, 2015

A sequel? THAT was quick! "House of Whores 2: The Second Cumming"

Tom Komisar and Daniel Murphy are back at it again. The clown masks from "House of Whores" were barely back to room temperature and these deviants, along with AC McCray and Peter Barnone, are suited up and home-invading their way through more unsuspecting victims in this latest installment from HM&M Films.


          Kinda/sorta picking up from the first film, this time the torture happy gang of miscreants target a suburban family's birthday party (with Linda Schrader as "Kayla the Corpse" in tow) and a televangelist & his gold digging girlfriends (Cheyanne Summer and Montana Skylar).


          Much like the first film, HoW2 is thin on plot, but long on depravity. It's all covered: ball peen hammer assaults, terrible jokes, sex toys, lactation gags, even a "Dirty Sanchez", as well as all manner of atrocities visited upon porn star Riley Grey in comedic interludes. HoW2 also features more musical vignettes with horror/music personality Nurse Hatchet, suitably taken to the next level for this outing, that are both psychedelic and sexy as Hell. Actress Lindsey McIntire, another veteran from the first film, turns up this time as "Skanko", the sadistic clowns' new sidekick, complete with an ultra creepy sex doll mask and the ability to shoot lasers from'll just have to watch the film. This crime scene of an indie feature also boasts the talents of: Craig Lemons, the very hot Vergena Fields, and Eric Reaume as the pizza boy (didn't really need to see your ass, man).


          While a "franchise" like this may not be feasible beyond this second installment (but hey, never say never, right?), HoW2 hits all the right nerves and manages to be even more mean spirited and dark than it's predecessor. Definitely a guilty pleasure that often makes you feel terrible for enjoying the goings on, the flick sometimes even brings to mind the cult classic "August Underground" series of films, with it's "found footage" style, and gleeful violence. This stuff makes Pennywise look like a pussy!


          A bold new style of "Torture porn" or just a bunch of knuckleheads vicariously living through the righteously fucked up films they're making? You be the judge as you wallow waist deep into the quagmire of unspeakable acts (along with quite a few bodily fluids) splattered across your screen in "House of Whores 2: The Second Cumming"! Consider this your warning.




---Scream King Tom