Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things in 2012 (So Far)

            1/3 of the way through, and 2012 is shaping up nicely! I have the distinct privilege of reviewing so many indie horror films on NerdRemix, that it becomes a blur sometimes. Thankfully, there’s those certain films that just stand out and become the yardstick by which everything else is measured.

            Michigan whack job, Tom Berdinski’s “Noirmageddon: A Mark Anvil Thriller” is an amazing short films that blends so many genres, and gives so many nods to classic films that viewing it feels almost like slipping into a comfortable pair of jeans. I thought last year’s “The Giant Rubber Monster Movie” was nearly perfect, but “Noirmageddon”, in my mind, surpasses it. The scary part is that Berd is currently producing two films and the fucker keeps getting better! I’m particularly stoked about “House With a Morgue” the 4th (?) installment of “The Italian Zombie Movie”.
            I also really, really enjoyed Douglas Schulze’s “Mimesis”—a fucking brutal film that breathes new life into the stale ass trend of NOTLD reference films. Expert pacing, a great cast, and actual film making craft!! I can’t wait to see what’s next from these guys!!
            Mike O’Mahoney also scored big with the hilarious “Sloppy the Psychotic”, cheesy, gory, and pissing all over every self imposed horror taboo, “Sloppy” is impossible to watch without laughing your ass off!! Best enjoyed with a beer in hand, if this film offends you, you’re truly too old and stuffy to be watching an indie horror film (so get a grip you whiny bitch!).
            I also got to check out yet another segment of the upcoming “Psycho Street” anthology, “Anti-Bodies”—wow!! Director Patrick Desmond really pushes the envelope with this jacked up tale of sex, blood, and terror! Incredibly sick performances by the entire cast (particularly Kaylee Williams) and shudder inducing set-pieces have got me jonesing to review the whole thing!!

            On the convention front, I briefly attended HorrorHound Magazine’s Columbus, Ohio show a few weeks ago. I told myself I wouldn’t attend another HHW after my experience in Cincy in 2010—great guests, lousy venue, layout and crowd control. Columbus was more of the same—good and bad---but I did get to hang out with the MuscleWolf guys (along with the above mentioned Kaylee Williams and Patrick Desmond), Marv Blauvelt is always a blast to hang with! I finally got to meet my amazing “internet friend” Jessica Cameron, and chatted with Blake Powell and the “Midnite Mausoleum” ladies, JABB Pictures’ Jason Hoover, Casie Baun, and Cam Scott—so, in summation, great people, lousy venue/planning.

            Absolutely looking forward to Motor City Nightmares this month! It’s always a great con, perfect size, awesome atmosphere, and great guests!! This year they have most of the guests from last year (but no April & JimmyO or Monique Dupree—this sucks out loud!) and the added attraction of Doug Bradley, Sid Haig, PJ Soles, the incredibly hot Tiffany Shepis and my personal hero DEBBIE ROCHON!!!!! Also can’t wait to re-connect with Berdinski & Amy Lynes, and to talk “Sloppy” with Mike O’Mahoney! See you there!! Hoping to bring some fabulous NerdRemix prizes for you nut-jobs!!
Enjoy bitches-keep the beers cold and the movies gory!!

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