Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Kronanburg or BUST!!!"

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of reviewing quite a few anthology horror films from the world of indie film lately. The form is making quite a comeback, and rightly so, it gives aspiring film makers a collective marketing medium, and allows them to cross promote with other studios. “Psycho Street” (coming soon from R-Squared) is, to paraphrase “The Lord of the Rings”—one anthology to rule them all! Featuring segments directed by some very familiar names to followers on the indie fright scene, and includes thespians that are among the brightest talents in the genre.

            Last year, at the Motor City Nightmares convention, I was finally able to meet and chat with Muscle Wolf Production’s Marv Blauvelt, and first heard, in detail anyways, about the project. Marv’s enthusiasm for film making is equal to his talent as a writer and actor, so I was very intrigued when he passed me a screener for the Pete Jacelone directed segment “Hypochondriac”. A great short film, with plenty of gross-out humor, “Hypochondriac” featured an excellent ensemble cast that included (among others): Raine Brown, Allan Rowe Kelly, Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Susan Adriensen, and some great comic interplay between Marv and Carl Burrows. I posted a glowing review on for the short, and waited…
This was followed, a few months later, by a link to an online screening of “Lewis”. A blackly comic, over the top, amazingly paced and acted throwback, director Anthony G. Sumner cemented his growing reputation as one sick bastard with this twisted little gem. Truly standout performances from rising star Deneen Melody, as well as Susan Adriensen and Jerry Murdock as the demonic duo of “Sister Louise” and “Father Lennox” made “Lewis” a very memorable viewing experience, and again, another review was shot—and I waited (impatiently) for more…
Enter: HorrorHound, Columbus, this past Spring—Marv (who, by the way, has become a pretty awesome friend as well as an “industry contact”) introduced me to director Patrick Desmond and actress Kaylee Williams before he slipped me a blu-ray of the deliciously malignant “love story” that is “Anti-Bodies” (which had screened to rave reviews the night before). The aforementioned Ms. Williams delivered a harrowingly convincing performance in this segment, supported more than ably by Jared Degado, Brigid Macaulay(holy shit, she's hot!), the Barbosa twins, and the man, the myth, the Marv! Deviant sexuality, and aliens ratcheted up the “WTF?” factor in this final segment that delivered the goods in spades.

At long last, this past week, I received a package from MWP with the finished product—all of the above in their splendid, sick, fucked-up, gory glory!! With the added bonus of the wrap-around story, “Come On Down” starring some of the segment’s players, and beautifully brought together by one of the sexiest women on the fucking planet—Tiffany Shepis (seriously—she could seduce, like, a stadium full of guys with one wicked smile)!!
“Psycho Street”—take heed fuckers, THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE! Any genre fan will find plenty to love in this anthology, because there’s plenty of everything genre fans love!! And, hold on to your hats, my second 10/10 EVER!! Run, do not walk, to buy a copy when it drops!! Then, pop some popcorn, grab an “adult beverage”, and prepare to grin, wince, and cower in fear!! Kronanburg is my kinda town!!

            Thanks, and big ups to Marv for keeping me in the loop on every step (and, unfortunately, mis-step—this baby had a sometimes difficult “gestation” from what I’ve heard) of this amazing project, and for, along with Anthony Sumner, providing me with some of the coolest poster art in decades for each of the segments! They hang proudly in the “Tavern of Terror”—and to everyone involved, thanks for making one HELL of a wild, roller coaster ride of a film!

I’m Tom, and I’m a “Psycho Street” fan.

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