Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Scream King's Best Of 2015

In the interest of keeping with tradition, here is my usual, lame-ass, "Best of" list for 2015--the creme de la creme of what I reviewed (although some things may not have been posted as of yet) in year 2015--so, behold... King Tom's Best of 2015 Awards




Best Film (Feature)




Runner Up-"Invalid"


Best Director (Feature)


Richard Chandler--"Gilgamesh"


Runner Up- Brandon Slagle--"House of Manson"


Best Film (Short or Anthology Segment)




Best Director (Short or Anthology Segment)


Izzy Lee-"Innsmouth"


Best Actor (Feature)


Bill Gobin-"Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh"


Runner Up-Brandon Salkil-"Invalid"


Best Actress (Feature)


Joni Durian-"Invalid"


 Runner Up-Melantha Blackthorne--"Gilgamesh"


Best Actor (Short or Anthology Segment)


Marv Blauvelt-"Snake With a Human Tail"


Best Actress (Short or Anthology Segment)


Tristan Risk-"Innsmouth"


Best Supporting Actor (Feature)


Bryan Wilson-"Chopping Block"


Runner Up-Brian Williams--"Headless"


Best Supporting Actress (Feature)


Angelina Leigh-"Reichsfuhrer SS"


Runner Up-Devanny Pinn--"House of Manson"


Best Boobs


"House of Whores"-Director--Daniel Murphy


Best Gore/Violence


"Headless"-Director--Arthur Cullipher





And that's it, until next year, you freaks!!


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