Saturday, February 11, 2017

Women In Horror-Danielle Harris

Who knew that little Jamie Lloyd from "Halloween 4 & 5" would grow up to be such a beautiful and talented actress with more genre cred than 95% of so-called "Scream Queens"?

Well, if you didn't notice the gradual rise to "horror legend" status by the incredible Danielle Harris, you haven't been paying attention. Tiny, fierce, wildly attractive, and a natural in front of the camera, Harris' staggering body of horror work shows an increasing maturity and range that often elevates less-than-stellar productions simply because of her presence.

Some of my favorites? How about Zombie's "Halloween" (and her performance in his oft maligned "H2" was a benchmark in her career, in my humble opinion), "Stakeland" (another benchmark), she flat out owned "Hatchet 2 & 3", "Black Waters of Echo's Pond" and she turns up in small roles and cameos in all kinds of stuff, Hell, she even did a voice on "The Wild Thornberrys"!

She can do it all: the sultry sexpot, the determined "final girl", the girl next door, the introverted best friend, and the warrior goddess. Her death in "See No Evil 2" was the stuff of legend, so, when she does die, she dies awesomely! Lead role, supporting role, whatever--this lady has chops!

In person, (she does a lot of convention appearances) she's gracious, charming and truly seems to enjoy meeting her fans, even the creepy ones! And, even though you almost never see it onscreen, she possesses some amazing ink!

Danielle Harris--a strong, take-no-shit woman in horror, in a world full of killers, she's killing it every single time!

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