Thursday, February 9, 2017

Women In Horror-Tiffany Shepis

Do I really need to explain why I love Tiffany Shepis?? 

There's too many individual reasons to list, so I'll just gush like a smitten fanboy for a few paragraphs, and, hopefully, the uninitiated will "get it" (and if you're reading this blog, and you're still uninitiated to the awesome that is Shepis--go stick your head in an oven) .

Her impressive body of genre work is equal only to her impressive body 


Films like, my personal faves, "Nightmare Man", "Nympha", "The Frankenstein Syndrome", "Wrath of the Crows" and "Model Hunger", even the wraparound segment of "Psycho Street", are the stuff of exquisite nightmares. Her amazing personality and genuine love for her fans is unrivaled--she is actually the first horror celebrity I ever met! Motor City Nightmares, April 2010, I spied the ridiculously attractive Ms. Shepis meeting fans at a table with Kane Hodder, I was so star struck by her smoky sexiness, that I only snapped out of my "sputtering compliments" coma when she started breaking my balls for not introducing her to my wife (she was breaking Kane's ass too), I loved it, she was so much like her many on-screen personas-ballsy, brash, and confident. 

I'm the fat guy in the Lamb of God shirt, but you knew that, right?

I'm happy to say I've lined up for Tiffany's brand of light hearted verbal abuse at many conventions since, and, as cliche as it sounds, she IS like fine wine, she only gets better with each passing year. She can easily out-sexy and act circles around a whole gang of 20 year old wanna-be "Scream Queens", she makes it look easy, and you fall a little more in love with her with each performance. I seriously think she just gets in front of the camera and acts like Tiffany Fucking Shepis, and nobody does it better!

Tiffany Shepis---Actress, True "Scream Queen", Genre Legend.


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